Why Deseret International? It’s simple.

We empower highly-trained and highly-motivated local physicians. We provide them with whatever it takes to help them help those in their own communities. We provide medical facilities, surgical equipment, supplies, and other financial support to help them increase capacity and provide for those in need.

 Our Advantage: 

► We use doctors familiar with the language and culture

► We use doctors familiar with the medical procedures (few U.S. doctors see these types of cases in the United States)

► We provide continuous local follow up with our local doctors (this is essential for quality healthcare)

► We dramatically lower costs per procedure

► We provide an improved local medical community

We provide a permanent, sustainable charity program

We thank you for your time and commitment to our less fortunate brothers and sisters throughout the world. Only with your help can we make this change, one life and one surgery at a time.

——————————Your support will give a second chance...

"I can absolutely state to you that the Deseret International Foundation is one of the most effective and efficient groups I have ever seen."

-Senator Orrin Hatch